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Seed investments

Delta Accelerator invests in early-stage startups and creates active partnerships. Investments range from 30.000€ to 200.000€ and are intended to validate market demand, set up a legal entity, build a product prototype and gain first customers. The terms of investments, along with form of cooperation, vary between the projects, since each project has its own specifics.


We focus on B2B projects, where we can make use of our network of partners throughout the Europe. The main aim of our portfolio are projects in biotechnologies, hardware, education, medical and services projects. We want to preserve this aim, however we are open to ideas from any segment.

Smart money

Money are not our main contribution to the project. They are needed, but much more important is our network of contacts, our business know-how and our support services. We help you with product definition and its market fit, we open doors to potential customers and in cooperation with our partners, we even help with a follow-up investment.

How does it work?

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  • Initial meeting

    We invest in people, not ideas, therefore personal meetings are crucial for us. You can contact us through the form below, stop by at our offices or address us in person at anyone of the events we participate in.

  • Evaluation

    In case of our interest we move the project into evaluation. An analysis will unveil product’s weak spots and addressed potential customers will confirm its market fit. The goal is to establish partnerships for product testing and faster sales after finishing the development.

  • Term sheet

    After finishing the evaluation and completing essential documents, we will present you our terms of the investment. The terms are tailored-fit for each project and its specifics. We are of course open to a discussion about them.

  • Investment

    When the investment is done, we become your partner and team-mate. Through our cooperation we will be active – we will engage the development, strategic planning, marketing and sales. Think of us as a new team member.

  • Exit

    Our investments are aimed on horizon of 3 to 5 years. After reaching the desired growth we sell our equity towards a venture capital fund or a corporate. The founders are welcomed to join us with the exit.

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Meet the board

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Investments director

Peter Koždoň


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Ďalšia investícia do slovenského startupu. Tento krát sa môže pochváliť zahraničným investorom startup Localization Guru, ktorého cieľom je zvyšovanie kvality prekladov.